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Great instructor


Very good and effective teaching, was clear with all instructions and made sure I follow through with them. I am very, very happy with it, definitely would recommend 100% definitely one of the best instructors out there and very genuine.


Passed Test with zero faults


Rashid is a patient, punctual and knowledgeable driving instructor. I had 16 hours of lessons with him and I passed the exam with zero faults at the High Wycombe Test Center. He works Diligently with his students to over come their problem areas. Rashid is not greedy and will not make take lessons unnecessarily. I will recommendation Rashid to anyone who wants to pass their practical driving test with atleast amount of lessons.



Great driver. Able to gain confidence and skills. Passed first time around. Highly recommended. Great guy. Thank you so much for helping me!



Highly Recommend

Very good instructor. Very calm and allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. Would highly recommend.

Best instructor in High Wycombe.


I found him very respectful towards me. I felt I could ask him for an honest feedback and will get one. He was patient with me and I enjoyed our rides together. If you are looking for a respectful and patient instructor, he is your best bet. He was always on time and very good with communicating with me.


Definitely would recommend

I’m really happy with my lessons and I was able to learn a lot in a short amount of time. My lessons prepared me very well for my test.

Best driving instructor.

Rashid is one of the best driving instructors in wycombe who helped me pass first time with him ❤️🎉 I was very confident during lessons and he makes u feel very relaxed unlike other instructors. He has a Nice car for the lessons very smooth and helps u drive. He’s Cheaper than most other instructors as well and doesn’t just do it for the money. Go with Rashid success is guaranteed! Thank you Rashid! Ali Aziz.

Driving lesson experience


Rashid driving school was great, I enjoyed learning my driving with him, he made me feel confident. Rashid is very honest and is not out there to make money out of you. I would highly recommend anyone who is learning to drive at any stage to learn with Rashid.


I will miss my lessons with Rashid


After my 2nd attempt at learning to drive Rashid built my confidence and I passed my test. Extremely patient and very versatile for people who learn in different ways. I would 100% recommend Rashid to anyone learning to drive, such a great teacher with a kind a calm nature.


Very good


I would say Rashid is one of the best driving me school in high Wycombe. They will give you all skills for you in order to pass.
I had 20 lessons and passed the test second time. Rashid Driving School is the best. Thank you


Driving School


Personally I want to like to say driving with Rashid has been a absolute pleasure and I would absolutely recommend him as a learner driver, you need to get all the confidence you can get while driving and whilst learning the driving techniques and I can say Rashid has definitely done this.

I have done over 30 lessons with Rashid starting from scratch (not knowing how to drive previously) and now I have passed yesterday 09.01.2020 and can honestly say from my experience he has helped me so much to develop in my driving skills and just generally being a easy person to talk to and in addition his ability to teach is ideal any driver wanting to gain confidence and also sharpen on their skills definitely do suggest Rashid.

Ultimately, if you are looking around learning to drive and wanting to pass and your in and around Wycombe, definitely do recommend Rashid driving school as one of your picks. I hope I helped anyone reading this. Thank you!

Dhaniaal Saleem


Thank You Rashid

Rashid is one of the best instructors out there. He knows what he is talking about and gives clear and concise feedback. He made sure I drove through the same roads which I wasn’t great at aswell as the manoeuvres which I found difficult. This benefited myself when I went through those roads in the driving test. Thank you Rashid 🙂

Great instructor

He was very informative and helpful.

Overall 10/10 and would definitely recommend for others.

I found Rashid to be an excellent instructor and would definitely recommend to other people. The quality of his lessons left me satisfied it was a useful hour, as well as learning quickly and effectively. He made me feel comfortable in the car and ensured any mistakes were quickly corrected, ensuring I was ready to take my test within a few months. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and now feel comfortable to drive, not only for the test but in my own car afterwards.

Good driving school

Rashid is a great instructor and has prepared me well for my test. He knows his stuff and I strongly recommend him to anyone that is learning to drive.

Rashid driving school

Very nice teacher and instructor. Succinct and clear instrustions creating a calm driving environment.

Passed driving test

Excellent driving Instructor really helpful, knows all about what to do and not to do in the test, also knows a majority of the routes, I had a lesson before my test and did the same route I had in my test and it helped me pass, really recommended instructor, lovely man👍

If I could give more stars I would

Absolutely fantastic driving instructor, helped me pass first time. Each lesson was a pleasure, he is on time, the car is spotless, the instruction given Is top quality. All feedback is given calmly and concisely and he will let you know exactly when you are ready for the test!


A really good instructor and extremely helpful, I definitely recommend him.
He helped me a lot especially with parallel parking and reversing into a bay.

Best driving instructor

Best driving instructor, keeps calm and helps in every situation

Best Instructor!

Rashid is very patient and very motivating. He encouraged me to do my best every lesson and was very good at giving feedback so we knew what to work on next time. He never gave up on me despite me not passing the first time round! He is by far the best instructor in High Wycombe as I had lessons with a different company prior to meeting him (what a time/money waste that was). Highly recommend!

Amazing instructor

Brilliant driving instructor, teaches according to how the individual learns. Best choice I made!

Great instructor

Very good driving instructor. Teaches u everything there is to know. Very flexible when it comes to timing. Highly recommend.